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 Port-en-Bessin   ·  Design EC2-S-C1 (США), тип Liberty
Книги, фотоальбомы и периодические издания

Озеро Верхнее
США, Дулут

Почтовая карточка.
The French Ship Port-en-Bessin is shown waiting at a dock in the Duluth-Superior Harbor,
Westerly Terminus of the St.Lawrence Seaway.It will load grain to be shipped to Europe.
This ship is 441'long, 57'wide, has a draft of 27' and carries 7303 tons.
Photo and Pub.by Gallagher's Studio of Photography, 920 E, 1st, Duluth, Minn. S-34846

1962 (approximately)
Received from Eugene Iron

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