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Виллемстад, Seatrade reefer chartering HY as manager

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Name Design Reg.Nr IMO Yard Nr Built Remarks
Nova Zeelandia Рефрижераторы 963X44 8514784 208 03.04.1986 Рег.владелец: Zeerederij Holland-Limburg B.V.

Withdrawn, sold and modernized vessels

Name Design Reg.Nr IMO Yard Nr Built Wdwn. Remarks
Cape Passero Class Cape Finisterre 8702824 139 08.02.1991 03.2011
Fiona Class Nautic 8500575 1025 03.1986
Normandic Class Nautic 8215936 352 09.12.1983 Рег. владелец: Normandic Shipping Co N.V.
Santa Lucia Рефрижераторы 00633Q 9194921 313 13.03.1999 Владелец: Santa Lucia Shipping Co. NV
Sierra Lara Class Sierra Lara 9120205 392 26.09.1996
Sierra Leyre Class Sierra Lara 7001077 9135822 394 04.07.1997

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New — has not been put in operation yet
Out of service
Sunken or/and abandoned
Place and current state are unknown
Rebuilt/Modernized — design changed
Registry data changed


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