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Красноярск, Центр транспортной логистики as manager

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Name Design Brd.Nr Reg.Nr Yard Nr Built
Марс-23 Design АКС-2000, тип Марс-2000 Е-12-0021 235827 С-523 12.05.2009
С-294 Design АКС-700, тип Марс-700 Е-12-0022 235860 C-294 02.10.2009

Withdrawn, sold and modernized vessels

Name Design Brd.Nr Reg.Nr Yard Nr Built Wdwn.
Восход-43 Class Восход, design 352 Е-2-1250 204779 379 1984
Восход-56 Class Восход, design 352 Е-1-0327 205158 404 1987 2012
Восход-60 Class Восход, design 352 Е-1-0320 205164 414 03.10.1988
Нордвик Class Заря, design Р-83, Р-83А Е-1-0571 208973 1984
Ракета-265 Class Ракета, design 340Э Е-1-0570 162881 583 26.06.1976 24.09.2015

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Color Coding

New — has not been put in operation yet
Out of service
Sunken or/and abandoned
Place and current state are unknown
Rebuilt/Modernized — design changed
Registry data changed


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