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Омск, Ханты-Мансийскдорстрой as owner

Here are only vessels with Ханты-Мансийскдорстрой as owner, where home port is Омск

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Name Design Brd.Nr Reg.Nr Yard Nr Built
БМ-13 Class БТ, БМ, Ангара, design Р-96Б ОИ-08-3072 179950 419 23.10.1979
БП-3 Design Р-92, Р-92А ОИ-08-3053 195867 50 28.09.1981
ГДСК-2 Class КПЛ-5-30, design Р-99 ОИ-5-1056 203085 854/120 28.10.1983

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Color Coding

New — has not been put in operation yet
Out of service
Sunken or/and abandoned
Place and current state are unknown
Rebuilt/Modernized — design changed
Registry data changed


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