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This is not a page for any specific vessel.
Below are the photos of different vessels of the same design, which had not been identified (at least, by the name) when uploading.
If you have information about any vessel on these photos, please leave a comment under it.

Builder:Рыбинский завод катеростроения   Рыбинск

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Японское море, залив Петра Великого, бухта Золотой Рог
Приморский край, Владивосток
33-й причал

October 20, 2017
Author: Andy.ru73

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 БТМ-510   ·  Class БТМ (Павловск), design Р-162, Nizhny Novgorod
 7211   ·  Design 81100, Moscow

Река Волга, Чебоксарское водохранилище
Нижегородская область, Нижний Новгород

September 16, 2013
Author: Borodin_EV

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