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Let’s give your vacuum a bath

If you have a question about when the last time using your vacuum, most of us would immediately answer a very current time because we use it every day for floor cleaning, furniture cleaning,... But then, what was the last time you clean your vacuum cleaners properly? You might hesitate a little and start questioning, do your vacuums need to be cleaned, though? The answer is YES! And this is, in fact, a vital task for everyone who uses a vacuum. I own a blue shark vacuum. In every Shark NV360 Reviews, you might find that these machines have mighty suction power and never lose it, but it is only accurate when you regularly clean each part of the it, from the canister, filters, and the dusting brush. Good news is, the instruction is right there in the user manual. But you don’t have to run around to find it now, because I will do a quick summary what you should do to give your vacuum a good shower.

So, when?

You should clean your vacuum every three months to ensure the vacuum work properly every time you need it for your cleaning. But it should vary for everyone since we use the vacuum with different frequencies. If you use your vacuum more often, then you should clean it more regularly. Some signs show you when your vacuums need a bath: when it loses its suction; there is left over dust in the bag or dust cup; the vacuum noise doesn’t sound right; your vacuum smells strange. When your vacuum is experiencing one of those signs, then you should consider cleaning it right away.


The best part of my Shark NV360 is designed with a detached canister, which is not only easy to work with every time I need to clean those hard-to-reach places but also easy to clean. Of course, we all need to empty the contents inside the canister after every time we clean. However, in this bath, we do more than that. It would help if you had soap and water to make sure it completely clean inside out. It is better to clean in warm water, use the bottle brush to ensure that no crevices are left behind.

Dusting brush

The next one is the dusting brush. First, you should lay down the vacuum on the floor to get a better view of what is happening with your dusting brush. It struggles with pet hair, hair, strings, and every kind of material that can wrap around the brush. Don’t worry. It is normal for all the vacuum. In this case, you want to place a bag underneath your vacuum before using the scissors to set your dusting brush free. Cut everything that has wounds around the brush, pull and tug it. And then you have a cleaned dusting brush.


For filters, the story is quite complicated. It would depend on your vacuum model that might consist of which kind of filters. For instance, my upright vacuum is designed with a HEPA filter, but it is essential to keep in mind that there are two types of filters: washable and non-washable. For the washable, you can take them to the sink and gently wash with soap, make sure to get it dry before returning to the machine to prevent the mold from growing inside your vacuum. For the non-washable, you should replace it to effectively maintain the vacuum work like the first time you use it.

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No matter how long you have been using your vacuums, the only way to keep them by your side for a long time is to treat them gently and always keep them clean, just like how they help our house clean till now. Hence, let’s bath your vacuum friend!

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