Leda Shipyard

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City: Korcula  

Vessels being built by this facility

DesignYard NrBuiltNameReg.NrPort
Design Limbo Combi Porter 90 480 26.09.2003 Figaro (Tharsis, Christine, Hansa Marseille) 01505N Riga (Kingstown, Delfzijl)
SSCC Maxima (Super Saimax) design 1002 01.11.2004 Egon W (Iselmar) Saint John's (Lemmer)
SSCC Maxima (Super Saimax) design (1003) 02.03.2005 Ingrid B (Hanne, Fluvius Teign, Ovar, Bestevaer) Flekkefjord (Saint John's, Horsens, Bridgetown, Madeira, Delfzijl)
General cargo 19.10.2005 Lindeborg (Noorderlicht, Diamant) Delfzijl (Alkmaar)
SSCC Maxima (Super Saimax) design 1006 14.06.2005 Merel V Hellevoetsluis
SSCC Maxima (Super Saimax) design 1008 28.02.2006 Elke W (Stern) 09898L Saint John's (Lemmer)
Icerunner 3650 design 27.01.2007 Ankie Spijk
Icerunner 3650 design /1014 07.12.2007 Oderborg (Emma) Assen
Icerunner 3650 design 1208 12.09.2007 Leonie 93305 Spijk
Icerunner 3650 design 1209 11.04.2008 Sprinter 29242 Werkendam
SSCC Maxima (Super Saimax) design 1015 15.04.2009 Plataanborg (Panta Rhei) 16842J Flushing/Vlissingen
SSCC Maxima (Super Saimax) design 1016 12.08.2009 Denborg (Kelt) Groningen
SSCC Maxima (Super Saimax) design 1017 21.10.2009 Larixborg (Cristina) 17669H Kampen
SSCC Maxima (Super Saimax) design 1018 17.02.2010 Adamas 30558 Delfzijl
I-Box 5200 1-A design 1101 28.08.2010 Andre W 19631Q Hamburg (Saint John's)
I-Box 5200 1-A design 1102 20.01.2011 Klaverbank (Iceborg) Delfzijl ((none))
I-Box 5200 1-A design 1104 12.01.2012 Gaastborg (Diamant) 24770B Delfzijl
Jumbo 6500 1B, CFL Prospect design 1105 23.12.2013 Frisian Sea 9534547 Sneek

Vellels being assembled by this facility

DesignYard NrBuiltNameReg.NrPort
Icerunner 3650 design 1206 13.12.2006 Scot Pioneer (Harns) 914003 Inverness (Harlingen)

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