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Name Design Reg.Nr IMO Yard Nr Built Port Remarks
MSC Bellissima Vista, MSC Meraviglia -class design 27226V 9760524 F34 27.02.2019 Valletta
MSC Fantasia MSC Fantasia, проект (Франция) type 08817L 9359791 A33 09.12.2008 Panama Рег.владелец: CNF Compania Naviera Fantasia, Basel, Switzerland
Владелец: MSC Crociere S.A., Basel, Switzerland
MSC Magnifica MSC Musica type 12147F 9387085 T32 24.02.2010 Panama Рег.владелец: S32 Leasing Co. Ltd., Geneva, Switzerland
MSC Meraviglia Vista, MSC Meraviglia -class design 21131V 9760512 E34 31.05.2017 Valletta
MSC Musica MSC Musica type 04673G 9320087 Q32 15.06.2006 Panama
MSC Orchestra MSC Musica type 06853B 9320099 R32 30.04.2007 Panama Рег.владелец: GIE Orchestra Bail
MSC Poesia MSC Musica type 07513T 9387073 S32 27.03.2008 Panama

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