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Name Design Reg.Nr IMO Yard Nr Built Port Remarks
Amstel Lion Oshima 55/60 design 162927 9434498 10565 29.06.2016 Panama Рег.владелец: Hiro Shipping Inc.
Amstel Osprey Bulkers 145302 9713478 345 13.11.2014 Panama Official No: 46350-14-A
Catherine Ro-Ro 22278 9209453 419 22.04.2002 Valletta Reg. owner: CLdN ro-ro S.A.
CL Antwerp Bulkers 28823 9474204 1014 26.07.2010 Antwerpen Рег.владелец: Conti-Lines NV
Владелец: Conti7 NV Holding Company
CL Ebisu Bulkers 145302 9713478 345 13.11.2014 Antwerpen Official No: 01-00973-2021
Conti Lines NV
CMB Coralie Design Diamond 53 12922X 9457309 CX4248 16.10.2009 Hong Kong Reg. owner: Bocimar Honk Kong Limited
CMB Coralie Design Diamond 53 12922X 9457309 CX4248 16.10.2009 Hong Kong Reg. owner: Ever Progress Trading Ltd, Antwerp
Delphine Ro-Ro 35846 9789245 8206 05.01.2018 Valletta Owner:Shiplux XII S.A. (10549802)
(IMO number: 5837466)
Mineral Beijing SWS-175BC design 04121480 9272383 H1006 18.08.2004 Antwerpen Рег.владелец: Bocimar Belgium NV
Mineral Subic General cargo G115929 9456678 N-240 11.05.2011 Monrovia Official number: 19728
Reg. owner: Janus Shipping SA
Mineral Subic General cargo 115929 9456678 N-240 11.05.2011 Hong Kong Владелец: Green Dolphin Shipping Ltd

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Out of service
Sunken or/and abandoned
Place and current state are unknown
Rebuilt/Modernized — design changed
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