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Name Design Reg.Nr IMO Yard Nr Sec.yard Nr Built Port Remarks
Donau Meridiaan type 31402 9385908 822 24.03.2011 Zwartsluis Владелец: Rederij Wanmar
Francisca Madenci 6200 design 93309 9113214 10 08.03.1997 Groningen
Longdijk Ferus 6250, тип Namai design 00903J 9215658 325 06.10.2000 Groningen Reg. owner: Longdijk Shipping B.V.
Longvann Volharding 6000, Aja design 14534A 9548304 HDFS2008-04 692 22.11.2011 Groningen Reg. owner: MS Longvann B.V.
Longvik Volharding 6000, Aja design 14533Y 9548299 HDFS2008-03 22.12.2011 Groningen Регистровый владелец: M.V. Longvik B.V.
Longvind Volharding 6000, Aja design 14532X 9547336 HDFS2008-02 690 19.04.2011 Groningen Reg. owner: M.V. Longvind B.V.
Senja Hagen type 13573F 9516868 HC 0701 25.05.2009 Valletta Рег. владелец: Senja BV
Silda Hagen type G107493 9515280 JTG-007 04.12.2009 Valletta Рег. владелец: Silda BV
Sotra Kurushima 16BC design G107492 9227871 7135 24.01.2001 Valletta Рег.владелец: Sotra BV
Spirit Ferus 6250, тип Namai design 00905L 9229049 327 21.03.2001 Groningen

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Place and current state are unknown
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