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Name Design Reg.Nr IMO Yard Nr Built Wdwn. Port Remarks
Cap Verga Design С-460, Kaouri 38F461 8919403 461 18.04.1991 Belize City Владелец: PIONEER FOOD CANNERY LTD PFC
Dinah 610 (СССР-НРБ), тип Эридан design 8872631 421 29.06.1982 Lome Владелец: Griffin Pioneers Ltd., Tema, Ghana
Оператор: Multi-Plan Ltd., Tema, Ghana
Frederick Damalie Pilot boats (Ghana)
Nakwa River Sakumo Lagoon type 6505789 752 05.1965 10.04.1984 Takoradi Black Star Line Ltd.
Nana Araba Otua Design 712, Partizansk 8700149 1311 31.01.1990 Takoradi NANA ARABA OTUA
Nubian Queen 12961, тип Лаукува design 8899744 646 09.06.1994 Takoradi
Panofi Commander Сейнеры 9097379 070 17.11.2007 Takoradi
Pioneer 502, тип Маяк design 6410051 1208 1963 1983 Takoradi Mankoadze Fisheries Ltd
Segullah Tankers 9075486 1993 Lome JOKJIM CO LTD
Si Design 712, Partizansk 8700199 286 12.12.1990 Lagos UBI ENERGY GHANA LTD

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Place and current state are unknown
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