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Name Design IMO Yard Nr Built Wdwn. Port Remarks
Al Barakah Астрахань, проект (ГДР) type, «Lo-Ro 18-I» (2-я серия), тип Коломна design 8922541 143 27.10.1989 21.02.2011 Amman Владелец: Alia for Transport & General Trade Co.
Оператор: Gulf & Arabian Island Shipping Services
Bridge 1 Alcione type 9086667 0006 01.12.1993 Belize City Владелец: Arab Bridge/Salam Transport
Salam Rose Luro type 7917537 177 21.02.1981 24.06.2010 Aqaba
Sapphire Express Alcione type 9086667 0006 01.12.1993 (Cayman Islands) Владелец: Arab Bridge/Salam Transport
Tareq 3 Буксиры-кантовщики 9762974 47 09.2015 Aqaba Aqaba Port Marine Services

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Sunken or/and abandoned
Place and current state are unknown
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