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Name Design Reg.Nr IMO Yard Nr Built Wdwn. Port Remarks
Blanca del Mar Dawn Merchant type 9147306 288 26.01.1999 Liverpool
Brave Merchant Dawn Merchant type 9147306 288 26.01.1999 Liverpool
Brøvig Breeze Tankers 07920L 9344265 47 01.08.2006 Farsund Рег.владелец: Brøvigtank AS
Christine Y Willy class type 8502145 242 03.1986 Nassau
Dragonera General cargo 29777 9536428 DD017 26.08.2011 Valletta Reg. owner: Dragonera Shipping A/S
Elandra Lynx Tankers 9635808 9635808 H4085 04.11.2013 Singapore Reg. owner: Elandra Lynx Pte Ltd, London
Genco Provence Bulkers 9316220 026 31.08.2004 Majuro
Kidira B-481 (ПНР), тип Скульптор Коненков design 951D99 7383865 B481/01 31.12.1975 14.11.2000 Nassau Владелец : Antrak Marine Ltd
Рег. владелец: Vika Navigation Ltd
Liverpool Viking Mersey Viking type 9136034 182 29.10.1997 Belfast
Northern Merchant Dawn Merchant type 9181091 9181091 289 26.02.2000 Dover Reg. owner: Lombard Inital Leasing Ltd.
Phoenix Beacon Tankers 11214443 9568172 2376 16.09.2011 Panama Reg. owner: Phoenix Accord Ltd
Seaweys Yosemite Tankers 09178030 9394959 0311504 13.04.2009 Majuro Official Number: 3450
Reg. owner: Argo Shipping Corp.
Tanker Riesa PC350 (Китай), Maersk Richmond design 9252292 PC350-1 30.06.2003 Nassau
VS Riesa PC350 (Китай), Maersk Richmond design 9252292 PC350-1 30.06.2003 (Great Britain)
Welwitschia Moskalvo type 00102N 9162526 1018 18.12.1998 Nassau

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