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Name Design Reg.Nr IMO Yard Nr Built Port Remarks
Angel B TESS 58 design 36968 9386392 SC-081 04.01.2008 Majuro Reg. owner: Oceania Sg Ltd.
Global Ocean TESS 40 design 9163477 1113 05.09.1997 Panama Рег.владелец: Bluepoint Shipping LLC
Global Santosh TESS 45 design 979300 9163489 1114 28.11.1997 Panama
Ocean Angel TESS 58 design 080429 9386392 SC-081 04.01.2008 Singapore Владелец: Rams Challenge Carrier Pte Ltd
Ocean Friend Oshima 50 design 093918 9401829 10514 18.08.2009 Singapore Рег.владелец: Globalbulk Partner Pte Ltd
Ocean Paradise TESS 58 design 070459 9368883 080 17.01.2007 Singapore Рег.владелец: Rams Challenge Shipping Pte Ltd
Ocean Twins Astro Ace type 050438 9302906 1135 05.02.2005 Panama Рег.владелец: United Boxship SA
Oshima Island Oshima 80 design 19844W 9609500 10687 12.09.2012 Singapore Рег.владелец: Oshima Island Hull No 10687

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