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Name Design Brd.Nr Reg.Nr IMO Yard Nr Built Port Remarks
MSC Armonia European Vision type 79256 9210141 V31 22.06.2001 Panama Владелец: Newco Armonia SA
Оператор: Mediterranean Shipping Company Cruise Technical Department Srl
MSC Bellissima Vista, MSC Meraviglia -class design 27226V 9760524 F34 27.02.2019 Valletta
MSC Meraviglia Vista, MSC Meraviglia -class design 21131V 9760512 E34 31.05.2017 Valletta
MSC Preziosa MSC Fantasia, проект (Франция) type 19756B 9595321 X32 14.03.2013 Panama
MSC Seaside MSC Seaside type 93377 9745366 H6256 29.11.2017 Valletta Registered owner: CNS Compania Naviera Seaside 1 S.A
MSC Seaview MSC Seaside type 94408 9745378 H6257 03.06.2018 Valletta Registered owner: CNS Compania Naviera Seaside 2 S.A.
MSC Sinfonia European Vision type 01084F 9210153 X31 18.04.2002 Panama
MSC Splendida MSC Fantasia, проект (Франция) type 09597J 9359806 B33 02.07.2009 Panama Рег.владелец: Splendida Bail SNC
Rhapsody Морские круизные и пассажирские 22199-95-B 77927 7358573 859 03.1977 Panama

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