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Class Gomba Reefer I

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Name IMO Yard Nr Port Remarks
APN Marauke 7727152 379 Jakarta PT Indo Thai Fishery Value
Brightsea Reefer 7727152 379 Bangkok PT Intermarine Co Ltd
Brightsea Reefer 7727152 379 Jakarta PT Intermarine Co Ltd
Gomba Reefer I 7727152 379 Jersey Gomba Reefer I Ltd
Ice Louise 7920314 392 Floro Ocean T Shipping A/S
Ice Louise 7920314 392 Freetown SIERRA FISHING CO
Lady Nour 7920314 392 Phnom Penh
Nordic Ice 7920314 392 Torshavn P/f Nordic Reefers Ltd
P/f Nordic Shipping Ltd
Pacific Countess 7727152 379 Limassol Primlaks (Pacific Countess) BV
Pacific Countess 7727152 379 Rotterdam Primlaks (Pacific Countess) BV
Pacific Governess 7920314 392 Limassol Pacific Governess Ltd
Pacific Governess 7920314 392 Rotterdam Primlaks (Pacific Governess) BV
Reefer Coldness 7727152 379 Limassol
Reefer Countess 7727152 379 Limassol
Reefer Governess 7920314 392 Limassol Pacific Governess Ltd
Reefer Governess 7920314 392 Saint John's Mare Pacifico Shipping Co Ltd

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Color Coding

New — has not been put in operation yet
Out of service
Sunken or/and abandoned
Place and current state are unknown
Rebuilt/Modernized — design changed
Registry data changed


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