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Design 10170, тип Шельф

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Name Reg.Nr IMO Yard Nr Wdwn. Port Remarks
Ilion 8755364 183 (unknown port)
Istiglal 8755340 Baku
La Muralla 8755376 184 16.08.2018 Panama
Noble Clyde Boudreaux 07112636 8755364 183 Monrovia Official Number: 11802
Владелец: Noble Leasing (Switzerland) Gmbh
Noble Clyde Boudreaux 31698 8755364 183 Monrovia Владелец: Noble Leasing II (Switzerland) Gmbh
Оператор: Noble Services International Ltd
Noble Dave Beard 30594 8755352 182 Monrovia Владелец: Noble Dave Beard Limited, Cayman Islands
Оператор: Noble Drilling (U.S.) LLC, Sugar Land, TX
Shelf-5 8755340 Baku
Songa Mercur 22894 8755376 184 16.08.2018 Majuro Владелец: Opus Mercur Pte Ltd
Оператор: Songa Opus Offshore Drilling Pte Ltd
Неопознанное судно- тип Шельф
Шельф-1 Baku
Шельф-3 Baku
Шельф-3 Baku
Шельф-6 8755352 182 (unknown port)
Шельф-8 8755364 183 Murmansk
Шельф-10 8755376 184 16.08.2018 Murmansk Арктикморнефтегазразведка
Шельф-10 8755376 184 16.08.2018 Мурманск

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New — has not been put in operation yet
Out of service
Sunken or/and abandoned
Place and current state are unknown
Rebuilt/Modernized — design changed
Registry data changed


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