Неопознанное судно - проект 455

This is not a page for any specific vessel.
Below are the photos of different vessels of the same design, which had not been identified (at least, by the name) when uploading.
If you have information about any vessel on these photos, please leave a comment under it.


Years:  2014 · 2018

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 РБ-255   ·  БК-600 (проект 737К, Л, М, П) type, 737К design, Russian NAVY
СР-570  ·  130 design, Russian NAVY

(вне водоёма)
Калининградская область, Балтийск
Внутренняя гавань, Балтийск

April 29, 2018
Author: Женечка Padonak

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БТ-661  ·  HBC 622A design, Khabarovsk
 Неопознанное судно - проект 436Б   ·  Design 436, 436Б, 436БА, 436БР

Река Амур
Хабаровский край, Хабаровск

June 10, 2014
Author: меля-13

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