Неопознанное судно - проект 1124

This is not a page for any specific vessel.
Below are the photos of different vessels of the same design, which had not been identified (at least, by the name) when uploading.
If you have information about any vessel on these photos, please leave a comment under it.

Design:1124, 1124М, шифр «Альбатрос»

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 296   ·  206М, шифр «Шторм» design, Russian NAVY

Тихий океан
Приморский край, Находка, Козьмино
Судоразделочная база в поселке Козьмино

Фотография из личного архива, автор В. Лемонос

August 27, 1996
Received from Андрей Борисович

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