SPP Plant & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

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City: Sacheon  

Vessels being built by this facility

DesignYard NrBuiltNameReg.NrPort
Tankers s1009 30.11.2007 Pericles (Lara, Mr.Canopus, Fr8 Endurance) 07249127 Monrovia (Majuro)
Tankers s1014 12.11.2008 Grand (Tamarin) 15487L Majuro (Marseille)
Tankers s1008 14.10.2009 Nave Orbit (Buddy) Monrovia (Valletta)
Tankers s5038 11.01.2010 Aramon Majuro
Tankers S-1028 20.01.2010 St George (Zouzou) Monrovia (Panama)
SPP 58C design H1032 07.06.2010 Socratis (Thalassini Kyra) 10196902 Majuro (Valletta)
Tankers S5047 27.07.2010 Altesse Majuro
SPP 58C design H1039 04.11.2010 Amfitriti (Thelisis) 37559 Piraeus (Valletta)
SPP 58C design S5086 01.2011 Elina B. 20343P Valletta
SPP 81C design H1052 07.04.2011 New Endeavor 42616-11-А Panama
SPP 81C design H1059 14.07.2011 Stefanos T Monrovia
SPP 35C, Handy Wind design H4038 07.09.2011 AS Elenia (Confiance) G107672 Monrovia
SPP 58C design S5073 2012 Alfios Monrovia
SPP 81C design S5097 05.01.2012 Yasa Eagle 129004 Majuro
Tankers S5042 24.06.2013 Zefyros 25470M Panama
SPP 58C design S5083 29.07.2013 Doric 13212264 Piraeus
SPP 58C design S5084 16.09.2013 Ionic 13212265 Piraeus
Tankers H4100 30.10.2013 St.Katharinen 135633 Singapore
Tankers S1155 15.04.2015 Zircon 1500042 Majuro
Tankers S1179 24.03.2016 Станислав Говорухин (Бора Бора, Bora Bora) Saint Petersburg (Arkhangelsk, Valletta)
Tankers S1180 09.06.2016 Василий Лановой (Lacerta) 151179 Saint Petersburg (Arkhangelsk, Malakal Harbour, Majuro, Valletta)
Tankers S1186 25.11.2016 STI Prestige (Navig8 Prestige) Majuro

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