Nokbong Shipbuilding Co Ltd

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City: Pusan (Busan), Busan Metropolitan City  

Nok Bong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

Vessels being built by this facility

DesignYard NrBuiltNameReg.NrPort
Tankers FAS0381 16.04.1998 Oris Marine (Marine Chemist) 9848867 Monrovia (İstanbul, Majuro, Panama)
Tankers 382 30.06.2000 Макс Танкер (Maks Tanker) 01663K Vladivostok (Freetown, İstanbul)
Tankers NBSC0390 19.12.2003 Seyang Prime (Woo Hwang) 0356173 Pusan (Busan), Busan Metropolitan City (Valletta)
Tankers NBSC0392 28.04.2004 Woo Gum 0456768 Jeju (Majuro)
Tankers 398 08.12.2005 Metro Maritim VIII (AT Honor, Angel 30, Caliope) 059615 Jakarta (Panama)
Tankers NBS-0412 02.07.2007 Bice Amoretti (Minitank Six) 07147024 Catania (Valletta)
Shi-SD850 design 2009 Приток (ХБ 03-08) 246124 Khabarovsk
Tankers NBF-417 06.03.2009 Petrolina Ocean (NB Viking 1, NB Viking) 101101 Limassol ((none))

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