Суда на подводных крыльях

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Yard NrBuiltNameDatePortOwnerRemarks
1954WSS 10
1968Sun Arrow(unknown port)Работал на линии Неаполь — Капри
Naples"Aliscafi" S.N.A.V. S.p.A.
Freccia Adriatica
1980Volna-49KhersonХерсонский морской торговый порт
1986SNAV ShaulaNaplesSNAV S.p.A.
01.04.1987TommyNaplesAlilauro Aliscafi del Tirreno S.p.A.Оператор: MULTISERVICE GROUP SRL; Stazione Marittima, Piazzale Angioino, 80133 Naples NA, Italy.
30.07.1987AldebaranNaplesCaReMar Campania Regionale Marittima S.p.A.
003 M09.08.1989Fiammetta M
PalermoLiberty Lines S.P.A. / USTICA lines S.p.A.
Прочие (Италия)Trieste lines S.p.A.
Liberty Lines S.P.A. / USTICA lines S.p.A.USTICA lines S.p.A.
MarrajoPalmaCompania Transmediterranea S.A.
1994TizianoPalermoПрочие (Италия)
1999VirgilioBresciaMinistero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti Gestione Governativa Navigazione Laghi
34426.06.2006Mirella Morace
CataniaLiberty Lines S.P.A. / USTICA lines S.p.A.
2013Al HallaniyatPort Sultan Qaboos (Maskat)Прочие (Оман)Owner: Oman Government
Manager: National Ferries, Oman

List of all types and projects  ·  All vessel's photos of this class

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